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Questions to Consider:

Appriasals Facts and Questions

Is there any possibility that your appraisal will end up in court?

Sometimes people assume matters will settle out of court and they skimp on getting an appraisal that is not fully supported and trial ready.  Once the appraisal is in the hands of the opposing party, you cannot undo an inadequate

appraisal that does not fully support your position. Laurie works to ensure that all appraisals are trial quality and will stand up in court.


Appriasals Facts and Questions

Do I need a trial quality appraisal?

In our litigious society, anyone can find themselves involved in a lawsuit. Once the other side has your appraisal, you're stuck with it. Minnesota Trail Appraisers goes the extra mile to support your value. The stronger your appraisal, the more likely you can settle your dispute without going to court.


Appriasals Facts and Questions

Will an excellent critique of my opponent's appraisal help settle or win my case?

Absolutely. Laurie loves to pick apart appraisals to find the string to pull that will unravel the whole report. Use Laurie's critique to write questions for cross-examination or to negotiate a favorable settlement. If Laurie concludes the other appraisal is well supported, this is important information for you to have when determining your best course of action.


Appriasals Facts and Questions

What situations does Minnesota Trial Appraisals work with?

  • Property Tax Appeals

  • Divorces

  • Property disputes

  • Estates

  • Bankruptcy

  • Evaluating purchase offers

  • Business formation, dissolution or ownership transfers that involve real property

  • Project feasibility analysis

  • Market studies

Appriasals Facts and Questions

Are there lower cost options other than a full written appraisal report?

While some situations require a formal written appraisal report, others do not.

For example, a Broker Price Opinion can help you answer these questions:

  • Should I file a property tax appeal?

  • Should I accept the purchase agreement for my property?

  • How much should I list my property for when I want to sell it?

  • Does the project I'm considering developing or financing make any sense?

In these more informal situations, a Broker Price Opinion may work for you. Since Laurie Karnes is a licensed Real Estate Broker as well as an Appraiser, she can provide whichever valuation report that best meets your needs and budget. 

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